🏡 Why do Sellers pay twice as much to sell a $600k home than to sell a $300k home? Just because it’s worth more? Does that make sense? Is the job that different?
💰Buyer’s choice…YOU keep the buyer’s agent commission* or let a real estate agent keep it?
Hello, I’m Scott Fleischer Broker/Owner of Varified Realty Advisors, LLC. & FatFreeRealty.com and I have a dream. A dream of a real estate service industry where fees are based on the services provided, NOT the value of the home.
As a native Floridian, I’ve been buying at the courthouse auction since before most of these “experts” were born. Back when the auctions were held in the courthouse lobby & all deposits were $1,000.
That evolved into buying non-performing second mortgages, all over Florida, for pennies on the dollar, positioning myself as a creditor for the impending foreclosure sale. In 2008 I was in the process of drawing up franchising documents when the market crashed. Since then I’ve built a diverse real estate portfolio that includes SFH rentals, vacation rentals, mortgages & the occasional flip.
Although I have been a Real Estate Broker for over 20+ years, I’ve never relied on commissions to earn a living. I believe this has provided me with a unique perspective on the industry. After decades of throwing money away, it became clear how broken the Real Estate service industry is. Unlike many of my peers, I see the forest through the trees.
Mix that unique perspective with an analytical research process cultivated over decades and you have the perfect recipe for www.FatFreeRealty.com. A one price alternative to commissions where fees are based on the services provided not the value of the home.
  • *minus our $3,500 fee