Would Agents avoid showing listings because of reduced commissions?

So it was around the holiday season and I had a project ready to go on the market. It was a 4/2 with pool 2 blocks from the beach. At the time I was not a member of that Realtor Association, so I listed with a flat rate listing service. BUT I listed it with a 1% commission offering on a $525,000 listing price. ($5,250 commission).

When it was listed, I learned my first lesson about the flat rate listing company. They were in no rush to get me my leads. I got the leads 2-3 days after inquiry. Good lesson, but what about the commission? Was I not getting showings because it was the holiday season? Or because I priced it a bit high? Or was it the commissions? I really had no idea until the agent who sold me the property texted me this.

“No one will show 1% commissions unless the buyer forces.”

So that means an Agent would avoid showing a property, that may be perfect for their buyer, solely because of commissions. “Unless the buyer forces them to.” This makes me sick. While Agents suggest they are looking out for their client’s best interest, they only show listings that offer commissions acceptable to them. Does that seem right to you?

What can you do about it?

Thanks to sites like Zillow.com, Realtor.com and more you can check up on your Agent. Make it a practice to check these types of sites to confirm your Agent is showing you ALL the available houses in your desired area, not just the ones offering 3 percent. Or, if you are in Florida, you can use FatFreeRealty.com to avoid commissions. We offer the service and support you need anywhere in Florida for ONE LOW PRICE. Don’t pay a percentage of the home’s value, unless those numbers work in YOUR FAVOR