Commissions are the “iceberg” that will bring down the real estate service industry.

What sense do commissions make?

Most agents charge twice as much to sell unit B. Why? What is so different about the transactions? Both units are in the same complex. The listing agent does the same thing for both listings. Like most agents, they just put it in MLS and wait for another agent to bring a buyer.

Maybe they hold an open house.

But, let’s be honest. Open houses are more about the agent finding new clients than selling your home.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I do believe it is vital to have agent representation when buying or selling a home, but you don’t have to give away a percentage to get it.

Be like Alex…

Take Alex as an example. Using my interactive buyer’s program she was able to get the house she wanted for over $20,000 less than she had expected to pay. She got the service and support she needed, all her questions answered, AND SHE GOT OVER $12,000 COMMISSION CREDIT AT CLOSING.

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