Why do you charge $500 up front?

This is our secret sauce. For Buyers this allows us to pay agents for every showing. Additionally, the upfront payment separates serious clients from the “time wasters”.

Dow do I save?

Assuming there is a 3% Buyers agent commission, you have a choice, let an agent keep the 3% or you keep it. We give Fat-Free Buyers credit at closing for 100% of the Buyers Agent commission minus $3,000. (the remainder of our fee).

Is it legal?

Of course, it is…You may rebate any portion of your commission to a party to the transaction, as long as you make appropriate disclosures “to all interested parties.” This should include any person or entity involved in the deal. (Rule 61J2-10.028(2), Florida Administrative Code. Link to FloridaRealtors.org

I am using FHA or VA is that a problem?

As stated above the commission credit must be disclosed to your lender. You may encounter an issue with FHA & VA loans. Please check with your lender before entering your credit card information.

As a Buyer, what kind of service can I expect?

The main difference is YOU search for your home online. We do virtually everything your traditional agent does with a twist. You’ll be matched with a licensed showing agent to get you in the door. I, Scott Fleischer, am your agent. I handle the questions, concerns, paperwork, and negotiations. Once under contract, I remain your advisor till you walk through your new front door.

Have a Question?

Please submit it here. We appreciate the opportunity to add clarity.

*Any reference to savings is compared to controlling one side of a 6% listing. FatFreeRealty.com is owned and operated by Verified Realty Advisors, LLC. Scott Fleischer, Broker/Owner 150 S Pine Island Rd #350 Plantation, FL 33324.
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