Why do you charge $500 up front?

That is our secret sauce. The upfront fee serves 2 purposes:
1. It enables us to pay for the professional photographer and other costs involved with listing your property on MLS.
2. It separates the real Sellers from the “Just testing the market” “Sellers”.

How do I save?

The “savings” are compared to traditional 6% commissions. So, If you are selling a $400,000 home with FatFreeRealty.com & offering a 3% Buyers agent fee, you save/keep $8,500 compared to your Agent getting paid $12,000.

What if I need help getting my house ready?

We have a Vendor list for members where you can get almost anything done. From staging, organizing, repairs & more. You can get almost anything done for far less money than 6%.

Who shows my house?

Most listings are sold by a cooperating Buyers Agent who makes an appointment via email to view your home. While the choice is yours, most Sellers use electronic lockboxes to ensure only licensed Real Estate Agents have access to their home.

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*Any reference to savings is compared to controlling one side of a 6% listing. FatFreeRealty.com is owned and operated by Verified Realty Advisors, LLC. Scott Fleischer, Broker/Owner 150 S Pine Island Rd #350 Plantation, FL 33324.
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